The Briania Demos - Vol. 2

by Brian McParland



More demos of original songs I wrote.

Listed in chronological order.


released July 23, 2012

Brian McParland - vocals, guitar

Recorded in my basement with a Rock Band microphone hooked up to Audacity (except for tracks 8-10, which were recorded in my bedroom).



all rights reserved


Brian McParland Monroe Township, New Jersey

Acoustic folkie type who loves punk and dadrock

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Track Name: I Leaned Up to You
I leaned up to you
And it reminded me of when we were
Totally not together

I leaned up to you
And you looked at me with emerald eyes
Confused, but not forever

Time keeps passing by
Why do I even try?
It hurts me to the core
Who am I waiting for?

I leaned up to you
And your bushy hair got in my face
It smelled like herbal essence

I leaned up to you
Your shoulder tensed as my head approached
I knew you were resisting


I leaned up to you
You didn't look, you didn't care
You just let it happen

You leaned up to me
With a gentle sigh, we fell asleep
But inside, we were beaming

Or maybe I'm just dreaming
Track Name: It's a Living
No more people here tonight
Cause I sure don't want them in my sight
Isn't it time

Sit alone till I get fat
If another day flies by like that
I swear
I'll lose my mind

It's an end to all your
Time together
It's a living you'll get
Used to now
After all this time you'll
Come to find this life to
Be so sad

Holding back this killing feeling
I realized it's not appealing
It never was to me

It doesn't help with what I've got
I've given up, I've lost the plot
Oh, well
To what I'll never be



Track Name: Would You
Would you find it annoying
If I ran into my room
Moped for an hour
Wondering what I did to you

Would you tell me to shut up
If I told you how I felt
Remember the good times
Before it went to hell

Don't leave me alone like this
I know why I was wrong
I just need a little patience
Help me stay strong

Would it hurt if I told you
How you push everyone away
I'll be honest like you were
When you spoke to me that day

Would you tell me to fuck myself
When help is all you need
When it's time to open up
I'll let you follow my lead



Track Name: Friendly Advice
You're better than this
But I feel like someone you won't miss
When you leave me alone
You don't see, but I make it known
That I'm done, I think

See me when you
Come back when you
Notice I'm the only one that
Cared about you
Listened to you
Understood your problems and your
Constant issues
Let me dish you
One thing

You think I'm too nice
Is that it, or should I think twice
When you reach the top
I'm one who won't let you drop
In a bad way, I think


The party's over
You'll never know what happened
It's a wound with salt
And it's all our fault
You know, you know

Track Name: 8:08
I guess it's getting late
And I don't feel so great
I could've sworn it was just 8:08

Too much to think about
So I will sit and pout
And remember that there's no easy way out

Is it okay if I don't care?
I'd really like to know
If you go there
I'm guessing I will go

But still it's 3:09
And I'm not feeling fine
I'm thinking back, of things that once were mine

And now they're not, you see
That's my biography
No one told me that this would not be free


And now it's 4:02
And I'm still feeling blue
I'm wide awake thinking of what to do

I could act like a child
And forget life for a while
And not care
But that'll get me
Track Name: Eyewitness
One more thing
I can't find
Facing down
Time out of mind

And you don't know me
You never will
It's been too long now
It hurts me still

Let's try again

If you'd seen what I'd been through
You'd cry too
You know it's true
And you'll agree, if I were you
It's nothing new
But I'd like the view

And I know
I've been a brat
You need a friend to love
I'll help with that

Just give me words and
Something to say
So I'll know
What to convey

Don't hide from me



Track Name: (It Could Happen at) Any Time at All
Try your best
You're powerless
To fix it
What you mixed up

Sit and wait
Until your fate
Is met
And you let go

It could happen at any time at all
It could happen at any time at all
It could happen at any time at all
And that's what drives me crazy

Please hear me
It's not what we
Both wanted
You flaunt it well

We both know
It's quid pro quo
Or maybe
It's tit for tat


Give me warmth
From someone who'll always love me
Always love, always love, always love...

Track Name: Good
Sometimes I think I try to hard
Sometimes I want to give up now
Sometimes the words just can't come out
Sometimes they can, but don't know how

Sometimes I lose that hard-earned drive
I can't believe I'm still alive
Sometimes I won't believe anymore

It's all a joke it seems
A life that's lost in dreams
It's not insanity
A cry for help in an endless sea

Sometimes I lay on the ground
Sometimes I start to sink too deep
Sometimes I get up again
Sometimes I just fall asleep

Sometimes it all just sounds the same
Sometimes it all just sounds the same
Sometimes litanies get too old




No need to swim upstream
What's wrong with silly dreams?
You just want to be free
Just find the end of the endless sea
Track Name: Desperation
Let's do this sort of thing more often
I'd like to see what happens
Is this really what I want to do?

Come by my house tomorrow
You'll change you're mind, I know-oh
This won't be what you wanted, too

Is it desperation or destiny
That brought me to you and you to me?
I open up to you, that's all you have to say
Why can't things just go my way?

Did I talk too much to you
Was that creepy to do
It's just exactly what I feared

Will people hate me for this
Instagramming pictures of our kiss
Will drive my friends to think it's weird


No stopping me now
Don't care anyhow

Track Name: Joey Bag o' Donuts
You complete the ceremony
I just had a matrimony
Me and my own mind

It's just so instantaneous
But it's not ordinary, this
Feeling I've got this time

No, you can't stop me now
Or did I just stop twenty minutes ago
Have I reached the peak of my emotional roller coaster ride tonight

We're finally inside
I hope we have nothing to hide
But we know we always do

And now it's you and me
I think we know where we should be
We've just begun, I hope that's true

If it's another time
I know we didn't leave anything on display
I only hope we can do this a little more often