The Briania Demos

by Brian McParland



Demos of my original songs, recorded shortly after I wrote them.

Listed in chronological order, so the first track was the first I recorded for this release.


released December 4, 2011

Brian McParland - vocals, guitar

Recorded in my bedroom with a Rock Band microphone hooked up to Audacity.



all rights reserved


Brian McParland Monroe Township, New Jersey

Acoustic folkie type who loves punk and dadrock

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Track Name: You'll Never Know
Oh great
What now
I don't
Know how
To say that I still love you
If you aren't loving me

That way
Oh well
You say
I tell
I can never have you
And you won't understand

You'll never know how I feel
You'll never know but I can deal
You'll never know, you think it's great
You'll never know until it's too late
But I can always hope, that one day
You will be mine

You're great
You're cool
But you don't follow
That rule
And that's why you can't get me
That's why I'm left behind

No way
For you
And me
To do
Exactly what I want to
So I can be with you


(instrumental verse)


(soft, different-sounding chorus)
Track Name: Another Band
Today's the day I'll finally do something
I don't know what yet, it could be anything
Write a song, until I'm bored
Think of the right lyrics, and play the right chord
Cause I don't wanna be

Just another band
Just another band
Just another band for you to hate
Another band for you to rate
When will we be good, I just can't wait

Today's the day I'll get my friends together
Thinking that we will play forever
Try to write, but be mislead
Get annoyed, then go to bed
Cause we will always be


This music comes from the heart
I guess that's a nice start
But it'll only work if we all play the part

Or else we'll all be
Just another band
(repeat a bunch)
Track Name: The Difference of Two Squares
One square wants to be a window
The other wants to be a door
One square wants to have three sides
The other's fine with four

They'll yell for hours
And always get nowhere
They forget the world around them
But we know that they are there

From apples to oranges
To tables and chairs
There's no big argument
In the difference of two squares
Some fights go on forever
Some just come in pairs
But none will be as simple
As the difference between these two squares

Square one wants to be a rhombus
Two, a rectangle
One can't get enough of the Smiths
While the other loves the Bangles

We all have opinions
None of us are right
We want to find an answer
But it's hidden in plain sight


Four sides
One goal
They'll have
No soul
Track Name: Anything For You
Why do my feelings find their way out
The only time I don't want them to
Just because I've moved on here
Doesn't mean I'll stop feeling blue

Trust me, I'm tryin'
You know I'm not lyin'.

I don't know what to do
If you want it, I guess I do, too
I still don't believe that it's true
Because I'll do anything for you

Where's my mind gone, I can't find it
My days of thinking are far from here
Rational thought seems to have left me
Hope still tells me you won't disappear

Well, I've got to go now
I really don't know how

Track Name: The What-See Waltz
Who are you
To me, another guy to
Sit and annoy me
You think you enjoy me
But you're out of things to do

Who am I
To you, another nice guy
Who'd rather be done here
The battle is won here
As I turn my head and sigh

To hell with your words
To hell with opinions
After that, what would you be
My day is fine
But you sit and whine
About what you see in me

Who are they
When you run out of things to say
The ones to impress
And the ones to undress
And the bastards you keep in your way

Who are we
And what are you trying to see
Me and my sanity
Have lost their vanity
Are you finished with me?
Track Name: A Songwriter's Lament
Another song about me
Another song that uses the word see
This is getting old
This story has been told

I hate everything I've made
I don't even care if it'll get me laid
I just want to make something I'll be proud of

More stupid lyrics about love
Some silly cheesy pun about wings of a dove
It's all been done
I've never won



Track Name: Make Yer Noise
Make my noise everyday
Never find the words to say
To you
Woo hoo hoo

Make your noise once or twice
Maybe we'll start playing nice
Hey hey hey

Make your noise

Making noise in the parking lot
Don't believe when you say I'm not
No no no

Making noise in the living room
Never know, but we'll assume
The truth
Hoo hoo hoo



Track Name: Sitting on Sunday
What do you do
Alone in your room
When you can't find a place to think

What can you see
When you're looking at me
Has this ship of ours begun to sink

Surf surf surf
On the astroturf
Sitting on Sunday
In the afternoon
Weep weep weep
Till you fall asleep
Sitting on Sunday
At night

What is outside
When you go for a ride
Trees and flowers all look at you

Who is your heir
When you're worse for wear
When you forget who can see you through



Track Name: Admin Folder
Well, I'm stuck in my room, I'm still alone
Cause the world is doing things I can't condone
Come by and make amends
At least I have my friends
But please, for the love of God, just take me home

I don't know where I'm going anymore
My eyes are getting heavy, and my hand is getting sore
So I will keep on writing
Until I seem exciting
Starting to move on is such a chore

Drive and learn and live and please get older
But the people in the real world are just colder
And age just creaks the joints
So I say "What's the point?"
But you know you can't delete the admin folder


And though the old in me will tell me so
Self-deprecating me will just say no
You don't know just how
But you're the admin now
Just get out of bed, it's time to go
Track Name: Better Times
Trying to get to sleep
But stuck, and sinking deeper
The cliff is getting steep
I want but I can't keep her

In a world where you can be
Forever set free
I know that you'll be there
The question is where

Can we go back now
I try to attack now
But I do not know how
I want to go AWOL
But I sit at the table
This is a tougher wall to climb
And those were better times

Journey far away
We will find new words to say
I ask you "Can you stay"
I've dreamt for you to sit and play

Wonders far and wide
Hand riding the tide
Laying on my own
Don't call me on the phone