by Brian McParland

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I know I said I'd record the covers first, but somehow this all came together quicker. I hope you like it. <3


released May 19, 2017

Recorded sporadically at Dormer Studios from October 2016 - May 2017

All songs written and produced by Brian, who played guitar, sang, clapped and screamed all over this EP (featuring Baron Byron on shaker and The Briania Community Choir on track 5)

Album photo taken by Jeremy Lipoff circa 2012



all rights reserved


Brian McParland Monroe Township, New Jersey

Acoustic folkie type who loves punk and dadrock

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Track Name: American Business
It's amazing
How this could go on for so long
And be so damn disorganized
I see it in your eyes

It's all been a game for too long
But I'll have peace of mind someday
At least, that's what they say

I'm out of breath, we get no rest
Just what kind of establishment is this?
Overworked and underpaid
That's the motto of American business

Saving money
It's not like we're people too
With lives and jobs and bills to pay
And no choice but to stay

Grin and bear it
That's all I think I can do
It's not like they can make the rules
Treating us like tools
Track Name: Resist
You'll talk to just about anyone about your problems, mainly mentally
You wish you could love everyone at the same time, non-platonically
Singing songs about how we should never date you
Well maybe you're right

I've gotta resist
The temptation every time I see your face
I've gotta resist
And wait for another time when we're alone

You seem to do this only because I'm easy to push against the wall
I think I'm just so lonely, I'd rather see you than see no one at all
All you care about is how you play piano
And if you're getting laid
Track Name: Ballerina
I think it could've been a New Years Day
Just by chance, we talked the night away
You were going through a lot, I think I knew
I don't understand the things I do

I swear you were like a ballerina
Slowly dancing in the wind
Your hair was longer then
And I can't remember the last time I saw you

Walking through the woods at 1am
After doing stupid shit with all of them
The moon disappeared, we couldn't see
You kept staring at me

I hope you're happy
'Cos I am too
I know you're happy
Running away, running away
The way you said the things you didn't say
By the look in your eye
Don't forget I always think about that
And I don't know why
Track Name: Sick and Tired
If I told you how I feel, would anything happen?
Do I really even care at all?
Just how bad could it be to keep it together?
How could no one think this was so tough?

I wanted to find a better way
But I wait until another day
And I can't believe when I can't get things done
I can whine and complain until I'm blue
But it won't make anything less true
And all I get is sick and a little tired
Sick and tired

If you said what you meant, I hope that you mean that
Did you ever really care at all?
I don't know what I said, I'm overreacting
Or was I always on to something all along?